Halong Bay Islands

  • Dau Nguoi Islet

    Dau Nguoi Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:51:53 PM

    From a far, you can see a 25-meter islet, which reminds us of a huge Egyptian head with a big nose. Its chin lies close to the sea surface. Many people associate it with the image of the Egyptian Sphinx. The Ðau Nguoi Islet in Ha Long Bay, a masterpiece of nature, has its own poetic beauty as it lies...

  • Trong Mai Islet

    Trong Mai Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:51:33 PM

    Trong Mai Islet is situated on the south-west side of Ha Long Bay, 5 km from the tourist wharf near to Dinh Huong Islet. In a somewhat large expanse of open sea, the island seems to grow up from the bottom of the deep emerald waters. At sunset, the island with the height of over 10 m is bright red and...

  • Xep Islet

    Xep Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:51:15 PM

    Xep Islet or Layer Islet is a huge, multi-layered, square piece of stone which looks like an Egyptian pyramid built in the middle of the Bai Tu Long Bay, Cẩm Phả District.

  • Am Islet

    Am Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:50:58 PM

    On the route to Quan Lan – Ngoc Vung islands; Ấm Rock or Kettle Islet is situated in Bái Tử Long Bay. An island jutting out of the seawaters, the teapot of the Jade Emperor, who accidentally dropped it into Hạ Long so, its handle was broken.

  • Tuan chau Island

    Tuan chau Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:50:40 PM

    Ha Long, one of the World Heritages, comprises thousands of big and small islands. Each one has its own characteristic with various caves: Sung Sot Cave,Thien Cung Cave, Trinh Nu Cave… Tuan Chau Island is the only soil island of all. It is not only a place having beautiful natural surroundings: pine...

  • Bo Hon Island (Soap-Berry Tree Island)

    Bo Hon Island (Soap-Berry Tree Island)

    13/10/2016 | 11:50:23 PM

    When speaking of the beautiful islands of Ha Long Bay, one must speak of Bồ Hòn Island or Soap-Berry Tree Island, not only because of its splendid scenery, but also as it is one of the largest in the area. There are many grottoes located here, such as the Surprise, Luồn, Virgin and Male grottoes. There...

  • But Islet

    But Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:50:05 PM

    Some 30-minute boating away from the Con Cóc Islet, on the way to the Ba Trái Ðào (Three Peaches) Island, visitors see a pen bobbing (Bút Islet) in the seawaters. This constitutes a monument of knowledge Mother Dragon wanted to pass down to the present-day generations. Lying adjacent to the Pen Islet...

  • Yen Ngua Islet

    Yen Ngua Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:49:44 PM

    The Yên Ngua or Saddle Islet lies in Ha Long Bay, in the centre of the World Heritage Area. Nature has creatively shaped two pieces of stone, one high and one lower, which are linked together to form an imposing rock, looking like a saddle. Boats can go through underneath. The whole rock resembles a...

  • Soi Sim Islet

    Soi Sim Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:49:17 PM

    Soi Sim is an soil island 400 m away from Ti Top Island, and 7-8 km from the Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf. In the island there are many ancient trees. TheManagement Board is going to build a system of guesthouses equipped with modern facilities. At present, a small beach has been improved and upgraded, adding...

  • Ti Top Island

    Ti Top Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:48:55 PM

    Situated about 7-8 km south-east of Bai Cháy lies the small Ti Top Island. It displays a beach shaped like a crescent moon, and sand that has been washed to a snowy white by the tide. On 22 November 1962, this tiny island had the honour of receiving a visit from astronaut Ghermann Ti Top, a hero of the...

  • Reu Island

    Reu Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:47:13 PM

    Reu Island lies just 500 m from the tourist boats wharf. The Hoàng Gia International Joint Venture is implementing a project to turn the island into a resort complex with many kinds of services. At present, the island has a lot species of animals, including many rare ones. Reu Island is fast changing...

  • The Vang Island

    The Vang Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:46:55 PM

    This is one of the eco-tourism site in Bái Tu Long Bay, Cam Pha District, in the itinerary of Bài Tho Mount – Am Islet – Dau Moi Islet – Dua Islet – Monkey Islet – The Vàng Islet – Vân Don. In The Vàng Islet, a resort is under construction to attract holidaymakers during weekends. An artificial beach...

  • Ngoc V0ng Island

    Ngoc V0ng Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:46:35 PM

    Ngoc Vong, or Gem Island, is a pretty site sitting between the Nét Islet and Phuong Hoàng (Phoenix) Island, in the Vân Don District. From above, Ngoc Vong looks like a beautiful velvet handkerchief with exquisite white edgings; it seems to float on the water surface. On the east side of the island there...

  • Cong Tay Island

    Cong Tay Island

    13/10/2016 | 11:46:09 PM

    In the Ngoc Vung – Quan Lan islands itinerary, one will visit Cong Tay Island, which lies at the Bái Tu Long Bay, 40 km away from the Bai Cháy Tourist Wharf. From Cam Pha, express boats will take you 30 minutes or 90 minutes by common boats to reach Cong Tây Island.

  • Cho Da Islet

    Cho Da Islet

    13/10/2016 | 11:45:48 PM

    In the itinerary of Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go Cave – Ti Top Beach, after visiting Thien Cung Cave and Dau Go Cave, one needs 10 minutes boating to the Cho Da Islet or Stone Dog Islet or Dinh Huong Islet. Some 8 m up the islet one can figure out a piece of stone in the shape of a dog sitting with its back...

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